Forms at Formwork

Philip Michael Wolfson has joined forces with architects Jeremy Peacock and Kasia Piotrowska to create FORMS.  This company is devoted solely to creating elegant and inspiring architecture, interiors and furnishings that incorporate the best in planning and design.  Internationally acclaimed for a visionary brand of provocative and poetic designs, FORMS integrates striking compositions, cutting edge technology, and innovative materials.

As a collaborative of international minds, projects include private residences of national and international significance to the details of the smallest bespoke piece of furniture.


Each project embodies the spirit and character of bespoke creation. From the initial client consultation through to completion, there is a strong dialogue between architect, client and consultants. The company seamlessly integrates timeless aesthetic principle whilst working to client’s budgets and artistic requirements. FORMS cover every aspect of creating a home, from a new proposal, to renovating and adding onto an existing residence or to historical restoration. Each client pays a crucial part throughout the whole process making well informed decisions on the design, schedule, and budget.


FORMS have a long and distinguished history of work with fine craftsmen and an exceptional understanding of materials. With strong links to some of the finest specialists in America and Europe, creations incorporate leatherwork, stone carving, gilding, lacquer work, glass work, joinery, cabinet making and wood carving. Integrating today’s complex infrastructures, and incorporating state of the art technology and exemplary construction with a level of ease and comfort for the client, are primary aspects of a successful project. This ongoing coordination between all parties involved, designers, engineers, consultants and various specialists, allows for the assurance and confidence that the owner’s requirements are being met throughout the work.


Bespoke furniture and built in units are part of the interior design process and FORMS aims to set new standard in their projects. Through the use of the highest caliber materials and overall quality of design and workmanship, the individual pieces designed for each project offer a lifetime investment in creating a legacy and cultural heritage.

Additionally, the firm maintains relationships with associate architectural, engineering and construction firms throughout the world for collaborative team efforts.



Born 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of a NASA engineer.  He studied architecture at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and at the Architectural Association, London, England, where he was discovered by Zaha Hadid. After completing his studies he spent the next ten years as head of design with her. In 1991 Wolfson established his own studio and has worked throughout Europe and the USA on residential interiors and functional art pieces shown at leading international art and design exhibitions, galleries, and public venues.
He has established his distinctive pathway, re-examining the forms and ideas of the early 20th century Modernist movements, particularly Constructivism and Futurism. His unique approach to design and art is informed by the dynamics of fracture and fragmentation – layering and manipulating his materials into fluid shapes and forms, where the dynamics of light, shadow and reflection are an integral part of the seduction of the work. They are elegant, graceful designs, easily resembling elongated black swan wings in repose; layered geological contortions, or the energetic movements of an impassioned orchestral conductor.  The exquisite use of noble materials woods, glass, metals and stones, as well as new materials, such as carbon fiber, brings dynamic elegance and an individual contemporary feeling that enhances his unique approach.


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