About Us

About Us

Formwork Architects Ltd is a design led architectural practice, which strives to achieve the very best synthesis of modern architecture and interior design appropriate to the client’s specific project budget.

Projects can be organised in a ‘conventional’ way, whereby the brief is developed and the construction information produced over a period of time, prior to competitive tender to select a contractor and to determine the costs. Alternatively, if time is tight, we can start work on site almost immediately, with one of our regular contractors, and provide construction information on a ‘just in time’ basis and work towards meeting an agreed cost estimate.

We have worked successfully with both procurement methods, (and other variations) and our frequent site inspections ensure that we can confidently achieve complex construction details and fine finishes all to the highest standard.

Formwork Architects Ltd prefer to be engaged to carry out projects from inception through to completion in order to best control the final outcome, but, we can also work on feasibility studies and or stages of the project, based on an agreed lump sum fee or on a time charge basis. The fee for a full service is generally based on a percentage of final total construction costs of the project.

Almost inevitably Formwork has spent a great deal of its time working with old buildings, many of them listed, and have developed a very successful and sensitive combination of cutting edge modern details, combined with the careful restoration of the best aspects of the original building fabric.